a 24/7 stream playing randomized mythbusters episodes, streamlined edits which keep each myth in an episode contiguous

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what is NSV?

NSV stands for Nullsoft Video, made in 2003 by the same people who made Winamp. until the original shoutcast directory was shut down in the 2010s, it provided a way to stream video over the internet similarly to radio or TV channels before modern codecs and streaming services were a thing. today, there are still a few enthusiasts including netizen club who run NSV streams that can be watched from lower end machines such as pentium IIs running windows 98.

how do i watch NSV streams?

to watch an NSV stream you usually download the listen.pls file provided by the station and load it into your favourite player. on modern computers you can use VLC, though do note it has a bug where audio will become desynched once a station plays a new file. on older computers any older version of Winamp that supports NSV should work.

you can find more information about NSV at