mavica's windows 98 repository

this is not a complete or authoritative list of latest versions of software. i have started this page only because i'm tired of scavenging to try and find these files on the new web which is inaccessible from a real windows 98 machine.

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Software Version Notes
UnicoWS DLL System enhancement, put DLL in Windows/System (not 32!)
KernelEx 4.5.2 System enhancement, install UnicoWS first
KernelEx 2019 update System enhancement, install KernelEx 4.5.2 first
Native USB driver 3.6 System enhancement
DirectX 9.0c (Dec 2006) Used for games
7-Zip 4.65 File archiver
Retrozilla 2.2 Web browser (TLS 1.2)
Opera 12.02 Web browser (Better rendering) needs KernelEx set to Windows 2000
Winamp 2.95 Media player
K-Lite Codec Pack 3.45 Full Includes Media Player Classic
mIRC 6.35 IRC client
Psi 0.12.1 XMPP client
PSPad 4.5.3 Text editor, version 4.5.4 works but is crashy
WinSCP 4.4.0 File transfers
2xExplorer File manager like Norton Commander
IrfanView 3.33 Image viewer (JPEG support)