hi my name is maple "mavica" syrup welcome to my home on the netizen club

i'm a queer robot squirrel bunny girl who likes to tinker with vintage software and hardware. i started netizen club as a way to build and explore a simpler web.

my pronouns are it/its and byte/byteself

this website was built on Windows 98:
- Compaq Armada 7800
- Pentium II 366MHz
- 256MB RAM
- RetroZilla 2.2
visit my windows 98 repository

- my main website (modern browsers!)
- lesbiaboard
- spacehey
- retrospring
- tumblr
- xmpp: mavica@netizen.club
- irc: mavica on irc.libera.chat

here are some icons i've been working on:

i intend to eventually make windows icon packs for download, once there are more!

2023-08-17 - i got a new armada 1750 in the uk!! now i can do w98 webdev while i'm here :3

2023-08-06 - added some icons! i still want to do more with this webpage but inspiration has been hard to come by

2022-12-10 - merry christmas!! i'll be away in the uk for a couple of months without my windows 98 laptop so i might not update this website much. my girlfriend i'll be visiting has an ibook g4 though so i might nab that for the retro goodness while i'm there...

2022-11-23 - starting to put new things in here.. one of my goals is to try out developing a 2000s-ish pixel art style and making little bits of art for this page, including downloadable windows icons and the like.. it might take a while but i hope to get there soon!

2022-11-15 - new website!!!

- yakuza series
- grim fandango
- sam & max: hit the road
- portal 1 and 2

- justice
- devo
- martini ranch
- oingo boingo

- visit my netizen neighbors!
- Deadnet Internet Services

hotline webring
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