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My smart watch, the Orient Multi-Year Calendar

An Orient Multi-Year Calendar watch, model EU07005B



Despite being incredibly online I'm not that fond of the idea of lugging around a notifications machine on my wrist however I do quite like the idea of having something that can do some nice maths.

Now, you might initially think of the cool digital calulator watches that Casio offer but there is a neat other option which is a more traditional analogue watch face surrounded by a slide rule bezel. Another place you'd find a similar slide rule is as the E6B Flight Computer which used to be used by pilots. This means I can call a circular slide rule a computer, which means I have a computer on my wrist, which makes it a smart watch. Or at least that's what I'm calling it.

This particular example also includes what is precisely called a "Multi-Year Calendar", you can set the current year against the current month on the top of the dial and then on the bottom you can read out which day of the week any day of that month is. Often these little gadgets are also called "Perpetual Calendars" so I can say that I own a perpetual calendar as well, which is nice.

The combination of those two features does necessitate the watch being fairly large to keep everything readable though. 44mm would, in most other watches, be excessive but here with the added detail it makes sense. The 50mm lug-to-lug is also quite a bit but is surprisingly wearable, even for my noodly arms. The 22mm lug width also balances it out nicely.

Overall, this is a very nice piece of nerd chic. Not the most practical thing in the world but then again watches don't have to be, do they?